Spray Tanning

Our Versa Spa Spray Tanning Booth is located at 33 Tanning Spa Altamonte

Get a beautiful VersaSpa UV Free Spray Tan- No Orange .. No Streaks ..No Mess.. No FUSS.. We guarantee our product!! VersaSpa has combined innovation after innovation to create the world’s first automatic skincare treatment that bronzes, hydrates, and smooths fine lines in just 60 seconds.


- Shower/shave exfoliate at least 48 hours prior to sunless application
- Skin should be clean and dry before sunless application. Do not apply any body oils, moisturizer or deodorant to your skin. This could create a barrier.
- Wear dark loose fitting clothing to help eliminate as much excess transfer as possible.


- Allow AT LEAST 6-7hours before your shower or sweat
- Wash your hands/feet 2-3 hours after application
- Please use the approved after care products that are specifically
recommended by your spa consultant. Not doing so could result in less effective results.
- Spray tans are 100% UV Free and safe for all skin types.

Thank you!  Someone from 33Microspa will be in touch with you shortly!  If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please give us a call at 407-260-6772 and ask for your $20 Gift Card!

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