Hydration Sauna

Delight in ultimate luxury with a revolutionary spa treatment to rejuvenate the largest organ of your body in 20 minutes! The Hydration Station uses a harmonization of infrared light and steam to nourish deep into the skin for beautiful radiant results. The Hydration Station is an ideal approach to prepare the skin for a custom or VersaSpa spray tan or to DETOX and replenish moisture lost from day to day stresses and environmental elements. The many benefits of moisturized skin include a healthier, younger, supple appearance. Hydrated Skin also nurtures a smoother and deeper tan and is more appealing than scaly, dry skin. The Hydration Station is a pleasurable healing treatment to revitalize your skin to reclaim a more youthful tone and texture! Benefits of Integrating the Hydration Station with your Tanning Regimen:

- PREPARE. Prime your skin for a deeper and longer-lasting tan! Ideal for the UV tanner! Achieve darker tanning results with increased circulation providing an all-natural, full body “Tingle Factor” phenomenon. Accelerate your accelerator! Improve the tone and texture of your skin! Extend the life of your UV tan and keep your skin feeling hydrated and “baby soft.” You can expect results up to 2-3shades darker when you prepare your skin with the Hydration Station.
- PROLONG. Prolong your tanning result. Ideal for the sunless tanner! Achieve a supple and smooth sunless application. Extend the life of your sunless tan days longer! Improve DHA, vitamin, and nutrient penetration. Promote an even skin tone and healthy radiant glow.
- PROTECT. Protect & Revitalize your skin! Ideal for ultimate skin rejuvenation! Receive a full body liquid vitamin shower including vitamins A, C, and E with powerful mineral extracts and pharmaceutical grade botanicals! Hydrate the deep layers of your skin to revive, restore, and protect your skin. Minimize the signs of fine lines and improve texture and tonality of your skin.

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