European Tanning

KBL 6800 - LEVEL 4

Raise your expectations. The KBL 6800 Alpha packs a load of powerful features into a gorgeously artistic exterior.
- 3 categories to choose from – Basic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean. Hi-level UVA that results a deep dark tan that lasts 2x longer than that of a basic level tanning bed.
- Low amounts of UVB to reduce the risk of burning.
- Hi-Pressure facial/neck tanners
- Air Conditioning
- Aroma Therapy


KBL Pure Energy Standup featuring built-in VibraNano wellness plate

Enjoy 360 degrees of pure bronzing bliss in the KBL PURE ENERGY, our deluxe level 4 stand-up bed. The lamps that provides deep, dark, golden results in 9 minutes flat! Stand-up tanning beds are commonly used to diminish tan lines and/or white patches which may be created by pressure points in a traditional lay down bed.
VibraNano stimulates circulation during your tanning session which allows for deeper, darker tan, allows you to burn calories while tanning, and stimulates the lymphatic system to help detox the body.


For those clients who wish an even higher quality of tan, we offer the Hi-Pressure X2 Sky. Hi-Pressure beds primarily utilize UVA rays, which penetrate deeper in the skin, to provide a darker, longer lasting tan. Also, because of the high pressure lamps used throughout, those with fair skin can tan - without burning! After you have built up a base tan, you will only need to tan in this unit twice a month to maintain color. Now there's no excuse for not keeping up with your tan! The unit also provides you with 360 degrees of tanning, an open-air design (great for those who are claustrophobic), air conditioning, and built-in MP3 player.
- Approximately 99% UVA / 1% UVB to minimize risk of burning - Will tan fair skin without burning - Tans deeper than traditional tanning equipment


33 offers levels 1-3 at our Altamonte Springs location

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